Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of local and international businesses to recruit new talent into their organisations.

David Chambers

Director, Asia Pacific Allscripts

“I have worked with Brett Wagner and the Strategy Solutions team for four years and can highly recommend him/them for their outstanding work. Brett possesses the attributes I rate the highest including honesty, integrity, resilience and persistence. Bret has always delivered the goods, and that means finding candidates that not only carry the key competencies and skills but also those that will be the best fit for our organization with EQ, not just IQ. The culture and chemistry are important elements of a long term employee relationship and Brett has never shirked the issue if he feels he need to advise me that a candidate has missing elements that are not so obvious from a C.V. or from a first round interview. Brett has a network second to none and that is why when I go to him with an assignment he delivers a quick turnaround, which is a quintessential part of his offering. I would highly recommend Brett and the Strategy Solutions team to anyone looking for a recruitment partner”

Mark Parrish

Director, Health Solutions Group Asia and Middle East Microsoft

"I have known Brett Wagner, the Director of Strategy Solutions Recruitment, for six years. He is an expert in the healthcare domain: his company, Strategy Solutions, focuses on recruitment in the fields of Healthcare informatics, e-Health, Healthcare Information Systems and how technology is used as an enable to provide better health outcomes. Strategy Solutions is well known as the leading authority in recruitment in this space and Brett is well respected as an expert in the field. Strategy Solutions has been on the preferred supplier panel to Microsoft for the past 4 years and has supplied number of senior Healthcare executives to the Healthcare business unit, both in Australia and Asia. Brett and his business partner, Michelle, have demonstrated their capability with a very good knowledge of the market and the ability to recommend individuals with the right fit for roles. I highly recommend Strategy Solutions and will continue to use them as suppliers of talent in their fields of expertise."

Dr. Simon Kos

Chief Medical Officer Worldwide Health, Microsoft

"In an industry where others come and go, Brett and Strategy Solutions have been a constant. I first met Brett in 2008 at a healthcare IT conference. Subsequently, I’ve kept in contact because Brett is regularly present at industry events. He makes the effort to intimately know the healthcare IT industry, as well as staying current with business cycles and emerging trends. He took the time to understand my goals and aspirations, and then maintained contact regularly all the way through to 2010 when he found me my dream opportunity at Microsoft Australia. At no stage did the process feel forced or hurried. Brett maintained regular contact through to 2016 when I left for a new opportunity in the US. In all the time I’ve known Brett and Michelle, they have acted with integrity and discretion, placing several of my colleagues in great roles. It takes someone with solid business acumen, health industry expertise, and most importantly an accurate judge of character to find the right fit so consistently. I recommend Strategy solutions to both employers and those considering their growing careers in healthcare technology."

Jack Risenhoover

Managing Director - Princeton Capital Partners

"After more than a decade, I’m pleased to recommend Brett Wagner and Strategy Solutions. With placements in the U.S. and internationally, Strategy Solutions has the reach to source exceptional talent and the depth in healthcare technology to know the difference between closers and pretenders. In multiple companies and continents, I have seen Brett’s network in action. You just will not find many firms that have the combination of professionalism, fairness, and fun that you will with Strategy Solutions. You don’t keep clients happy year after year unless you deliver exceptional value with courtesy and a touch of humor along the way. This is not the easiest business and it is a pleasure to have a secret weapon on your team for international assignments when a single executive member can change the velocity in your growth trajectory.We follow a universe of about 250 publicly traded healthcare technology and services companies. As much as we would like to keep Strategy Solutions our secret, we owe it to Brett and the team to sing their praises. I’m certain your experience will parallel ours."

Laurie Giles

Head of Channel Solutions - Global Redflex Traffic Systems

“I have several engagements with Strategy Solutions and its key executives over the 10 years that I have been involved in the Healthcare Industry. In what is a very specialised and demanding industry sector, Strategy Solutions has developed a strong standing within the industry for its professionalism and comprehensive understanding of the industry requirements.To achieve the high level of results, professionalism and respect the company has achieved, could only be achieved by the organisation being customer focused and always been aware of the issues that exist within the industry, now and into the future. The organisation has always taken the time to comprehensively understand the needs of its clients and the alignment of the recruitment with the strategic and cultural direction of the organisation. In fact, many (include myself) have sort out its key executives for advice due to their industry knowledge and standing within the healthcare sector.I have no hesitation in recommending Strategy Solutions to any organisation within the healthcare sector, as their past performance and delivery standards are indicative of the quality of the company and its staff. I have held many senior positions in companies in the IT market and have been intimately involved in all aspects of software applications, from development through to implementation. I presently have the role of Head of Industry Strategy and Delivery for Telstra's Enterprise and Government division. Previous roles have been Head of Solutions ANZ for iSOFT Health, Consultant to the CIO WA Health, Head of Marketing iSOFT plc and Chief Executive Officer, PJACC.”

Garry Cohen

CEO - Invigor Group Limited

“I am the principal of Marcel Corporate Pty Limited. I was until recently the Executive Chairman and CEO of iSOFT Group Limited. I confirm that I and my companies have dealt with Strategy Solutions since 2002. In this period Strategy Solutions and Brett Wagner, in particular, have provided recruitment and search services for Healthcare professionals. They were trustworthy and loyal and exceptionally dedicated to completion of their role. Their work and professionalism were of a high standard and contributed to the company’s growth and success by sourcing talented Healthcare professionals. I can confidently recommend Strategy Solutions as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.”